The Designer

"LUNAR CIRCLES is an invitation to feel the connection to nature and to your own inner world. It is an ode to the beauty of the sky and a reminder that we are all part of a greater whole."

Theresa Lambrecht (maiden name Scholz) is a Berlin-born artist and designer who pursues a wide range of creative activities. After studying painting and photography in Graz and then communication design in Berlin, she worked as an Art Director for agencies and clients in the fields of beauty, fashion, music and other lifestyle brands. Since 2000 she has been working as an independent designer in various creative fields. 

Her work is characterized by a special focus on the connection to nature. Her photo collages and design objects are an expression of her interest in the mysteries and beauty of our world. Particularly noteworthy is her "LUNAR CIRCLES" project, in which she creates design objects that bring the moon down to earth in a striking way. 


In the "LUNAR CIRCLES" Theresa Lambrecht creates a unique connection between design and astronomy. Over a period of more than 20 years, she has intensively researched and depicted the different phases of the moon over the last 50 years and the future 30 years. She calculates the phases of the moon to create fascinating, memorable patterns that appear like very personal fingerprints. These are time travels into the past and into the future. In this way, she brings the power and magic of the moon to earth and makes it visible and tangible for everyone. 


Her works are much more than visual representations of the phases of the moon. They tell stories of change, growth and the endless fascination and magic of the moon. Theresa Lambrecht has created an impressive bridge between art, design and astronomy, inviting viewers to discover the mysteries and beauty of the moon in entirely new ways.

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LUNAR CIRCLES is a unique way to experience the magic of the moon
in a personal and meaningful way. The pieces can be customized
and made individually. They are a unique gift for every soul.
Feel free to contact me for an individual request.