FUTURE Lunar Circle 2028

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Size: 60 x 60 cm
Material: UltraHD Foto-Print,  Acrylglas 4mm glossy, Dibond 3 mm
Form: round
With hanging

Product info: 
FUTURE Lunar Circle 2028 

Let's take a look into the year 2028 and discover what the moon reveals to us in this fascinating future! In a world where technology is advancing and people are looking towards new horizons, the moon is still at the centre of our lives as a timeless symbol of connection and mysticism.

The FUTURE LUNAR CIRCLE 2028 is the gateway to the cosmic influences and energetic vibrations of this special year. In it we can decode the messages of the moon and shape our journey into the future with deep wisdom and a clear view. It invites us to feel the cosmic energies and experience the magic of the universe.

Are you ready for the future? Then see what the moon wants to tell you in 2028!
Your journey begins here, in the heart of the cosmic happenings.

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LUNAR CIRCLES is a unique way to experience the magic of the moon
in a personal and meaningful way. The pieces can be customized
and made individually. They are a unique gift for every soul.
Feel free to contact me for an individual request.