FAMILY Lunar Circle

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Made on customer request.
Size: 80 x 80 cm
Material: Foto-Abzug Fuji Crystal  Acrylglas 4mm glossy, Dibond 3 mm
Form: round
With hanging


Product info: 
FAMILY Lunar Circle - 1982+2011+2015 

Commissioned work: The FAMILY LUNAR CIRCLE shows the moon phases of three generations: Mother, son and daughter. In this graphic, the moon phases of the different years merge into one image that connects the souls. The moon proves to be a wise advisor for emotions and personal growth, permeating our inner being and actively weaving itself into our lives. The moon becomes a friend and symbol of the overwhelming love within this family. This LUNAR CIRCLE is a powerful expression of their intimate connection with the moon and each other.
Made on customer request.

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LUNAR CIRCLES is a unique way to experience the magic of the moon
in a personal and meaningful way. The pieces can be customized
and made individually. They are a unique gift for every soul.
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