2024 Lunar Circle - Blue Orange


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Size: 40 x 40 cm
Material: Foto-Print,  Acrylglas 2mm matt, Dibond 3 mm
Form: round
With hanging


The 2024 COLOR - Special Moon Edition is a combination of time and colour. In 2024, a year full of promise, creativity and new beginnings, these LUNAR CIRCLES® perfectly capture the pulsating energy. The colourful discs, which represent the phases of the moon in 2024, are a reminder of how diverse and multifaceted our world is. They symbolise the joy of discovery and the willingness to explore new paths. Similar to the ever-changing moon, you can see your own changes and developments in the colourful 2024 Colorful MOONPHASES - Special Moon Edition. Whether it decorates our rooms or serves as a personal gift, this Special Moon Edition is a reminder to celebrate the diversity of the world and create your own paths in this exciting year 2024. Go for it!

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